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Pork or Chicken

$24.99 Dozen/$13.99 Half Dozen

For a limited time only, you and your family can enjoy our traditional
made-from-scratch pork or chicken tamales.

Tamales per dozen: $24.99

Tamales per half dozen: $13.99

Tortillas per dozen: $6.99

Pint of Green Chili: $9.99

Pint of Enchilada Sauce: $6.99

Pint of Salsa: $6.49

Salsa Fresca, Pico de Gallo, ¡Ay, Caramba!, ¡Mucho Macho!

To place your tamale order, please select the location below and submit an order request form.


*For same-day or next-day orders, please call or visit your nearest location.*

8th Street

306 S. 8th Street
Sun – Thurs: 7a – 8p
Fri – Sat: 7a – 9p

Phone: 719-633-9616
Fax: 719-633-6653
Manager: Leo


4295 N. Nevada Avenue
Sun – Thurs: 7a – 8p
Fri – Sat: 7a – 8p

Phone: 719-599-7829
Fax: 719-599-0078
Manager: Roxana


3725 E. Woodmen Road
Sun – Thurs: 7a – 8p
Fri – Sat: 7a – 8p

Phone: 719-536-0375
Fax: 719-536-0590
Manager: Michael

*Submitting an order request form does NOT confirm your order*

The Order Request Form sends your request to the selected location. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 48 hours, please call the location nearest you location nearest you to confirm your order request was received.

Questions about our tamales?

Please call the location nearest you or for non-urgent requests, complete our tamales questions contact form.

Contact us: La Casita Tamales Questions

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